NOLCHA FASHION WEEK August 2010 Press Release

Beauty with a Cause: Handmade Jewelry Directly Benefits Indigenous Tribe Of Costa Rica

During the 2009 Nolcha Fashion Week® – consisting of runway shows featuring emerging and independent fashion designers – Maleku Jewelry Designs® premiers its exclusive line of stunning jewelry to New York City showcasing dazzling semi-precious stones. Event attendees will be enamored with the uniqueness of Maleku Jewelry Designs’ line: custom-made necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and much more.

Maleku Jewelry Designs handsets highest quality metals (fine silver, sterling silver, gold, copper) with lavish gemstone settings: precious pearls, exceptional black onyx, opaque blue Persian turquoise, polished jasper, rare astrophyllite, collector’s eudialyte, and other rare semi-precious stones. Maleku Jewelry Designs’ customers can take pride in knowing part proceeds of Maleku Jewelry Designs’ sales are donated to the Maleku Indians.  Maleku, which means “Indian in love,” is the name of an extraordinarily artistic Costa Rican tribe.

Maleku Jewelry Designs’ expansive line of enchanting jewelry (including eye-catching semi-precious stones in a range of captivating colors) offers everything from dramatic and bold stand-out pieces, to delicate and intricately crafted stunners.  In addition, the attractive jewelry line surprises accessory-lovers with fused and dichroic glasses.